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Branding: Graphic Identity + Name

As part of a strategic expansion, this brand was developed to be the front door to a brand new research sample community. Typically, sample communities are websites where everyday people can earn incentives (like amazon gift cards) by completing market research studies, surveys, or polls. These websites and their brands are often flashy, crowded, and can feel gimmick-y. Remesh, a software company in the market research world, aimed to create a new brand for their budding sample community.

The goal of the project was to build a brand that could stand on its own as well as be positioned relative to the Remesh brand. The resulting brand name is an invented compound word: voicepark. The meaning behind this name is derived from:

Voice - Every human has a voice, and each voice is unique.

Park - These are places for everyone; places for communities to enjoy together, places to meet and gather, and , most importantly, places for communities to hold space for conversation and discussion.

These words combined capture both the intent and the impact of the audience and initiative.

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Brand Colors

Logo with 'Flairs'

Font Selection

The typography was selected for two major reasons: firstly, its serif nature leaned toward an institutionalized look and feel that the overall initiative aimed for. Secondly, as a balance to the first point, it's soft and rounded, which help to make the institution feel more welcoming, and more communal. Quincy CF provided the perfect balance.

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