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Responsive eBook

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PDFs are dead. eBook's built in HTML.
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Project Description

As the world moved to remote-everything in 2020, Remesh's marketing team made a push to create informative content in the form of ebooks. However, our traditional format of an 8.5" x 11" PDF never seemed more at odds with the current moment. Our ebooks historically were designed as static PDFs set on letter-sizes pages because many of our clients at the time still printed and distributed collaterals, so they could easily add our ebook too. But when the world went home to work and people started using their range of internet devices to sign into work, we thought it was time to try something different.

This "Responsive eBook" is built using the same content as our traditional PDF versions, but is instead built in HTML using Webflow. The most immediate benefit from a design perspective is simple: no pages, thus the format of the ebook is always set to fill the devices screen. Each ebook is a continuous page broken into sections that can be navigated using floating menu. There were loads of benefits to building a platform like this including the ability to do marketing tracking, embed video or interactive diagrams, as well as place our chat bot on the page.

* The page shown was page of a campaign and is no longer live on the internet.

Catarina Prata, Andie Baker, Sam Yancey
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