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Collaterals + Case Studies

Graphic Design
Various marketing and sales collaterals and one-pagers.
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New York, New York

Project Description

A collection of marketing collaterals, case studies, and informative documents designed for Remesh.

Remesh is a technology start-up based in New York City and Cleveland, Ohio. Their primary product is an AI-powered virtual focus group software used for conducting marketing and employee engagement research. Marketing such a tool can be a challenge given is “live” nature and expensive prerequisite, a sample population of people to survey, for example. As a result, many different documents have been crafted to highlight the various benefits and advantages of using Remesh. These documents range from case studies that highlight positive results of real customers, hiring fair collaterals designed to encourage students to join Remesh’s intern program, technical summaries that document and illustrate how Remesh’s AI engage works, and short-form findings reports using data mined from Remesh conversations. These documents are all designed to promote the product and/or company through a continued evolution of the Remesh brand.

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