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2020 Democratic Debate Report

Graphic Design
A findings report generated from Remesh data.
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New York, New York

Project Description

Using Remesh, an AI-powered virtual focus group software, that works much like a messaging app, we conducted a live conversation during the 2020 Democratic Debates. The conversation was between a researcher moderator and 250 participants who are registered democrats. Using the data from two nights of debate, the researchers put together this comprehensive findings report that summarized both debates. Working closely with the researchers, I designed the overall document as well as the individual infographics, paying close attention to the possibility for accidental bias of information contained in the text. The findings report was designed to present the data and findings as simply as possible, making it easy to understand and follow along. Since the data is mostly verbatims, scored based on the agreement of each verbatim among all 500 participants (two nights of 250), the report highlights a unique point of view - the change in opinion of participants throughout the debate, a data set typically not available.

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