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Mobler Bedside Tables

Industrial Design + Branding
Mobler is modular, american-made furniture for millennials.
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Brooklyn, New York

Project Description

Mobler is furniture for yuppies. The design of the furniture is inspired by Scandinavian simplicity, a love for mid-century modernism, and a desire to create affordable but customizable furniture for small apartments and homes. The furniture is currently being developed as a bedside table, but will expand as the product continues to develop.

Each side table is offered in six color combinations made from three colors are derived from the De Stijl movement and two greys. The furniture is constructed from cabinetry-grade Baltic birch plywood and bent steel legs. A wireless charging device is embedded in the top surface and each unit comes pre-wired for USB charging. Additionally, a surge protector is built into the back to protect the devices while also reducing the number of cables going to the wall behind the unit.

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As part of the manufacturing process, a CNC-mill is used to craft and cut out the various parts required. Dosis, embodies this resulting aesthetic of shapes being cut from a rotating bit. The rounded terminations and simplistic straight lines are reminiscent of CNC-lettering.