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Branding + Graphic Identity Design
Syracuse, New York

A branding and graphic identity study for a cloud-based personal computer backup company.

The branding is crafted to be friendly but slightly cheeky - the graphic identity is designed to be simple, clean, and inviting. In personal computer backup market, customers who interact with the brand are normally already anxious or frustrated as they has often just suffered a large data loss or computer crash. As a result, the branding and graphic identity tries to be as frictionless and straight-forward as possible.

The company offers one product: personal device backup. The product works by creating encrypted virtual copies of each of your devices and stores them in a secure cloud. Upon the crash or loss of a device, the data can be accessed from any other device already on the plan. To restore device information, users must use a code generated by the products software that is physically mailed to the customer when they sign-up for the service. The company prides itself on this two-factor level of verification. We designed the entire thing: from the app, to the website, to business cards and stationary - all designed to be cohesive.

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Brand Colors

Logo Transformation

Font Selection

The font was selected to enforce the balance between friendly startup and serious data company. Quicksand's well-balanced structure provides a much need level of sophistication while also remaining comfortable and trustworthy due to its rounded edges and terminals.

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