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Case Studies
George Little Design

Strategic Advising in Design, Marketing, & Creative Direction.

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I helped reach new vendors and users by implementing a low-friction user onboarding and an SEO-driven product strategy.
Result: 700+ New Monthly Users
I helped Cedarleaf VFX generate new commissions by building a brand and marketing strategy, then implementing a lead-gen focused website.
Result: $500K+ in New Revenue
I helped Blockdaemon reach new customers by improving cohort-specific messaging and creating usecase product visualizations.
Result: 10+ Enterprise Deals Closed
I helped Remesh reach new enterprise accounts by maturing their brand and building a product-forward marketing website.
Result: Hundreds of Monthly New MQLs
I helped Blockdaemon become established industry experts by creating a gated-content system to showcase whitepapers, case studies, data sheets, and video guides.
Result: 50+ New Enterprise MQLs


Fractional Consulting

Flexible engagements allowing companies to leverage expert guidance without the commitment of a full-time hire.

Strategic Advising

In-depth guidance to help businesses navigate complex challenges and opportunities, focusing on long-term growth and competitive advantage.

Project Execution

End-to-end project management and execution, from initial concept to final delivery.

Areas of expertise

Creative Direction

Align your existing creatives and designers with the product roadmap and brand vision to maximize their potential.

Graphic Identity Development

Developing a graphic identity is crucial to elevate your company's public perception beyond just having a logo.

Product Marketing Strategies

Effective product marketing strategies help customers discover new services and engage existing users.

End-to-end Product Optimization

Assessing user experiences, streamlining internal processes, and forecasting results to guide the next steps in development.

Marketing & Product Analytics

Critical solutions to help you analyze your website visitors or platform users through extensive experience in tracking and analytics.

Resourcing & Hiring Support

Building a team? Maximizing the value of a role by finding the right person for the job.


I am a Design Consultant with a background in brand and creative direction, product marketing, and entrepreneurship. My career showcases a dedication to resolving aesthetic and procedural challenges. As the Director of Marketing Design at Blockdaemon and the co-founder of, I'm at the forefront of innovative design and marketing solutions. I'm also proud to have founded, further extending my commitment to the design community. My approach is rooted in deep industry knowledge, complemented by a belief in design as a pivotal problem-solving tool.


If you're planning on hiring or working with George - you're about to make a great decision.

Awonke Phewa

George is a tremendous asset to any team. He is an effective, high initiative leader who produces quality results and excels equally in structured and ambiguous environments. If I ever found my own start-up, George will be one of the first folks that I call.

Mike Bruni, VP of Engineering

George is the best designer I've ever met.

Anthony Caputo, Chief People Officer

As a business stakeholder, I've watched George drive deep into challenges to understand business/marketing themes. These efforts have translated into stunning and comprehensive design.

Sean Swensen

George has a profound way of simplifying complex systems and new methodologies into comprehendible and highly appealing visuals. We've worked together on a few projects now and it's evident he has a rare ability to not only translate a vision into marketing creative so accurately but also leverage his versatile skillset to build impactful and compelling narratives

Katie Schaffer
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